"Western Foundation exists to protect and advance from any externally implemented or self-imposed processes of corruption or degeneration affecting the individual, family, community, state, culture, and species, through its means of existing to serve as a bastion for truth, culture, research, philosophy, policy, law, science, defence, theology, investigation, and practices, in association with the virtues of western civilization in order to gather and protect information, peoples, and resources for the purposes of preserving, solidifying, and propagating the order to protect and advance such civilization and peoples under the light of creation."

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Western societies and nations have been corrupted by a deceitful infiltration of psychological manipulation, social engineering and pacification, and programming, which is detrimental to natural law, harmony, good government, and the future of healthy families and life. 

Critical thought, genuine information, and the way to live a genuine life is obscured from the population due to factors including psychological manipulation, the exploitation of baser instincts, decadence, and the control of information.

It is cast widely over the youth and continues to define and limit the population into adult life, and for multiple generations it has effectively brainwashed western societies into a new form of docile slavery.



There are exceedingly large numbers of youth and young adults misdiagnosed with depression and committing suicide - many of which whose conditions and plight are not due to internal problems, but are due to external factors which they themselves have not fully pieced-together.

This demographic is often not adequately helped by the system of healthcare and psychiatry, nor assisted by modern cultural shifts and agendas.  



Historically unprecedented divorce rates and broken families Is a destructive repercussion and cost of the culture and behavior of the modern faux-liberal west.   



 Millions of men who earned their livelihoods in building and supporting their communities and nations have been betrayed and discarded over the decades by a system more interested in exploitation, subversion, profit, and in other agendas, than in the protection and care of the family unit as the foundation of communities and nations. 



There is a huge demographic of western populations who fall into drug abuse and alcoholism, as an effect of their neglect and the forces of impersonal global exploitation having greater power than community and cultural support, allowing for millions of westerners to become sidelined and downtrodden against a global system and parasitic machine. 



In a world of confusion, upheaval, and rootless activity, we stand to represent western identity for its people to find within themselves.  

Feminine and Masculine Disintegration and Disharmony:


Many western men have been increasingly manipulated into pacification over recent decades from a variety of causes, and many modern western females have been led to forsake their sacred identity through being manipulated in the name of progress into emulating either masculine behaviors and roles or embracing alternatives such as Eastern spirituality, and rebelling against the necessity to live complimentary to the traditional/genuine male.  

This is a naturally destructive deviation of the natural balance of any culture and does not result in progress, but in chaos, disintegration, and destruction.  

Many modern western females have also been turned from healthy relations with genuine men because they instinctively react against the information that the Earth (Gaia) has been harmed by "men" - whereas the truth is that life is harmed by the corrupt and the deceitful, which is not the spirit of the authentic and upright western male.

As many western females in their faux-liberation are reacting by flocking to 'Eastern cultures / goddess-worship / spiritual femininity', many men are bending to femininity as an attempt to gain relations with the females, or otherwise becoming alienated from the female-orientated culture;  

Whereas the natural balance (in true western spirituality and Gnosticism) is for the male to personify the Sun ('Generative Energy'), and for the female to personify Mother Earth ('Nurture') - AND FOR THE TWO OF THEM TO WORK AND COEXIST TOGETHER SYMBIOTICALLY.


The realization and correction of this balance allows for the male and the female to realize themselves fully, and to live in harmony.

Introduction and Key Information:

Western culture, and the foundation of the healthy family unit, has been incrementally destabilized over the past two centuries due to neglect, corruption, and various agendas and factors including the rise of international/central banking; which through a debt-based system of control manipulates societies toward a destination of homogenizing all cultures and ethnic groups on the planet (apart from a fraud-elite) into a condition of global pacification, debt, compliance, and into a new form of slavery. 

Currently in the western world, this agenda is carried out through various organizations under control of this system, and instigates various social campaigns including the imposition and promotion of seemingly liberal movements under the guises of 'progress', 'equality', 'unity' and 'diversity', but ultimately dupes and misleads its advocates into the pacification and deconstruction of all nations and societies.

Western populations have been psychologically manipulated and deceived into a guilt complex relating to colonialism and patriarchy, which undermines their capacity to identify with the positive and virtuous aspects of their traditions, heritage, and identity, as necessary for self-fulfillment and true spiritual awareness.


Western governments have significantly fallen into the service of international/central banking, which violates the self-determination of western nations and is ultimately destructive to the good order of life.  

The mainstream entertainment and media architecture has been subverted into keeping the population distracted, saturated, misled, and controlled in-line with this agenda.

A grave reality is the brain-deadening effects on current and future generations, which decays 

all manner of moral, spiritual, and cultural advancement, and allows the descent into darkness and mass slavery by way of socially-promoted degeneration often promoted under the guise of convenience, entertainment, or progress. 

Rampant consumerism ultimately sells out one’s own children and forthcoming generations, is reinforced by cultural norms and pressure, and is under the guise of the pursuit of profits or even in the name of global unity.  

Much of the widely-cast web of advertising and consumerism feeds off the weak-minded,  and promotes debt through the front of the artificial glitter of materialism, or by proposing conveniences via new technology. 

Much of contemporary culture in the west has turned from the direct and conscious acknowledgement of the good intention of life, of which we aim to make a part of day-to-day conscious awareness to all those that choose to be a part of it.  In the face of the social bombardment of endless layers of distraction, we seek to ground and elevate our members, and humanity. 

Consider that peoples of the west are pervasively indebted, bombarded with junk, guided and 

pressured to propagate junk, caught up in greed, brainwashed, consuming cancerous substances, enabling immoral behaviour, revelling in media delusions, mismanaging themselves and their societies and environments,  and are being sold-out as a commodified unit of value to be squeezed out through a dark system. 

Many people perceive a general undercurrent of confusion and dissatisfaction in life due to this, yet most do not have the full information to be able to explain their plight. 

The mass of what voters and consumers believe to be true is controlled by those who control 

the channels and voices of the media and popular culture.  And in its current state, it is a recipe to literally enslave people and to detach mankind from God.  

The degeneration of humanity is an act of darkness, it is an attack on the soul and the Holy Spirit, and is a cage against higher humanity. 

Virtuous principles are being drowned out, and strength and light has dimmed.  Western mankind has grown saturated in its comforts, and naturally its strength within begs to be reignited in order to thrust life upward and onward.  

The west cannot and should not fall any further, as it will become further hijacked by darkness, and the world will fall.  

And verily so, the west must take ownership in itself.

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 An epic masterpiece spanning the origins of life, wisdom literature, spirituality, disclosure, critiques on the contemporary vices ailing the western world, ancient laws, the sacred, expanded consciousness, enlightenment, balance, ethics, politics, good government, righteousness, divinity, and self-awareness. 

Build a true awareness of yourselves and your potential, build off a groundwork of principles, connect with cultures, governments, politics, science, communities, youth, artists, explorers, and all those with the qualities to thrive through Western Foundation.

Make your Home a Safe and Beautiful place in the World.  Rise through Righteousness, Integrity, and the support of the Right friends and family. 

IMPERIALTUS - Operational Mandate and Vision - July 2017. (pdf)


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